Moving flats and houses

Get rid of stress and worry when moving, we can do it together without any problem. No matter where you live and where you want to move, we will make sure that all your belongings will arrive safely in your new home.

What is moving like?

In some cases, moving house can seem like the end of the world. With us you do not have to worry about catastrophic scenarios - your belongings arrive at their destination safely and on time.

How to prepare yourselves for removals

We do not want to trouble you too much before moving, but you can help to smooth the process.

Before moving:

  • Prepare a list of things to be moved - this will help us estimate the cost of moving.
  • Secure parking for removal van.

Our preparation for your removals

It is necessary to prepare well for moving. We do not leave anything to chance and do everything possible to ensure the move takes place without any complications.

Before moving:

  • We will try to calculate the price of removal beforehand as accurately as possible.
  • On your request we can deliver the required number of boxes of different sizes and sorts for dishes, clothes and various odds and ends.
  • We will prepare the furnishings of your apartment for removal.
  • On your request, we can either do this in advance or immediately before moving or pack your furniture, household items and personal belongings.

A technician is available free of charge for more complex removals in Prague. He will discuss all the details with you in advance. This way we will avoid problems that might occur during the actual removal. In addition, our staff will calculate the exact price of moving.

The usual process of moving apartments and houses

Removals take place exactly according to your wishes and without unnecessary delays. Thanks to thorough preparation, there are no complications and therefore nothing to worry about.

  1. The removal van arrives at the agreed day and time, then we load all your belongings with care.
  2. When they are safely secured, we will transport the belongings to their destination.
  3. Upon arrival, we unload and deliver everything to the flat / house.
  4. We carefully unpack all the furniture and other things and arrange according to your wishes.

Our manager oversees the fast and smooth process of moving throughout.

How much will you pay for moving an apartment or a house

For the preliminary rates of removal call us or fill out a simple form

The price of removal is based on many factors, but we will try to estimate as accurately as possible before the removal will begin. If you need, we can send a technician in Prague, who will give you an estimate. You can also discuss the dates, schedule, and later the final price of moving with him. You can of course discuss any aspect of the removal with him.