Moving companies and offices

Do not worry about an office removal. We provide professional relocation of offices and companies across the Czech Republic and the EU. You can safely entrust us with the process of moving from the beginning to the end. We prepare offices for removal and then transport all items securely and reliably.

How does the process of company relocation works?

Careful preparation of company relocation

The preparatory phase of the removal is at least as important as the removal itself. It is necessary to identify and properly pack the furniture and all items.

Preparation of relocation:

  1. Our technician will thoroughly inspect the premises to be moved.
  2. We prepare a complete list of all the furniture and other items to be moved.
  3. We mark each piece of furniture and all items with descriptive labels.
  4. We dismantle furniture as required (which will be assembled again upon removal).
  5. We carefully pack the furniture, computers and other items.

In case you need to pack some items in advance, we can deliver the required amount of packaging material and pack everything into crates and boxes.

Everything is ready, the company can start moving

Thanks to thorough preparation of removals, moving goes smoothly and without complications.

Process of company relocation:

  1. 1. At the appointed date and time, we will begin to load your furniture and things carefully into the removal van. When everything is ready, we'll set off to the destination address.
  2. Upon arrival, we will unload and transfer everything to required place.
  3. Then we unpack furniture and things from the protective packaging, assemble and arrange them, according to your wishes.
  4. We will collect all packing material left after removal, take it away, making sure it is disposed of ecologically.

Our manager will oversee the smooth removal throughout.

How much is company relocation

The rates of company relocation vary. Mainly it depends on:

  • amount to be moved
  • distance from the source to destination
  • the extent of packaging and other necessary work

Preliminary pricing

When you call or fill in a non-binding order form, we estimate the approximate price of moving. A more precise cost will be given by our specialist, who will inspect your premises.

TIP: A contract for work can be drawn up for removal services.